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My name is Seth.  I have had many years of experience working in various positions that enabled me to help those in need of great inspiration, care and respect.  I worked as a  direct care counselor in which I would motivate individuals with special needs learn socialization as well as job skills.  Then I became a job coach in which I would help get clients on my case load hired and I would monitor them at their job sites, motivate them and help them improve their self image.  Soon I spear headed projects integrating people on my caseload into the community and soon to become more independent and more positively motivated thinkers.  Currently I am a stay at home dad assisting my wife with her at home business as needed and have devoted my additional time on social media platforms connecting with people all over the world and being their constant companion always giving great positive and uplifting motivation whatever their life situations are.  I can do this with you as well for you are not alone.  I will always be true to my word and most definitely care for you and your life needs as being part of my global, virtual family. You are loved, thought of and greatly appreciated and I will always be there for you in good times and bad times. I do not dispense medications nor carry  certificates.  However due to my many years of experience and love and whole hearted devotion to helping others, I can provide comfort and care to all in need. I am your personal companion and inspirational coach.  I am Seth and I truly care.


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I will connect with you on an approved social media in-box to chat online such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In addition, we can voice connect through whats app as ...
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