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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have grown up through difficult times as many have done and through it all I have always been moving forward. I have grown and toughened up to break through whatever barriers life had thrown at me.  Sure enough I had great people that helped support me along the way that I was able to turn to, other times I had to hold onto strong faith which helped me face my internal struggles. In the end I have connected with a most amazing wife and through her have the most incredible children ever that I am so very proud of.  Through all I have been through and the many years of experience helping those in need, I am here at your disposal to be your constant and caring  confidante and inspirational coach. I have great passion to be there for others by standing in the gap and working hard to inspire and uplift their spirits.  I will help you fight your internal struggles to come out smiling with great light and positive care. Always know that you are not alone.  Seth is here for you!

  • Rehabilitation Aide/P.A.T.(Personal Adjustment Training Councilor) Vocational/Rehabilitation Counselor

  • ·       Counseled individuals with multiple psychological difficulties

  • ·       Judiciously handled information of a very sensitive nature

  • ·       Spearheaded many internal and external projects with groups of people

  • ·       Developed and maintained jobs as liaison between management and consumer